About Company

McKinley Commercial Services, LLC is a subsidiary of McKinley Associates, Inc., a company formed in 1968. McKinley, located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, has extensive experience in the acquisition and management of real estate assets. McKinley has been responsible for acquiring and now managing assets valued in excess $4.66 billion which includes more than 30 million square feet of commercial/residential real estate under management. McKinley Commercial Services, LLC is currently in 10 states and has approximately 1000 employees.

McKinley Commercial Services, LLC is a professional, service-oriented property management company that continually uses entrepreneurial skills in management and marketing to enhance the value of assets for owners. As property managers, we strive to ensure the satisfaction of all of our tenants' needs.

McKinley Commercial Services, LLC employs a team approach. In an industry long dominated by individuals, we rely on the combined talents of those in our organization. At any one time, we can bring to the table professionals in management, engineering, operations, marketing, leasing, development, construction, finance, valuation, consulting, and information systems. As a result, we can focus and deploy many specialized skills to meet all of our property management needs.